Project: Restaurant

This application was built using OOP PHP and for the front-end: HTML CSS and Javascript.

It is NOT responsive.

It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and includes the following functionalities:

  • register system with email verification for account activation
  • multi-level user login system (admin, subadmin, user) with the possibility for the admin to change the status of an existing user
  • password recovery via email
  • shopping cart with order confirmation via email
  • the admin can update, insert or delete recipes and images
  • dual lingual support (romanian and english)
  • CRUD operations using prepared statements

The server is a virtual machine on Azure and it uses Ubuntu 20.04 as the operating system.

You can visit the site here:

image with 3 pages from the website:

Project: Diana Bear Dev

This project is a static, responsive website using HTML and CSS.

image with a page from the personal website of the website's owner